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Embark on an exhilarating e-MTB adventure from Puerto del Carmen to the iconic Lanzarote a Caballo, all on thrilling off-road trails. This unique journey combines the best of both worlds: the freedom of biking through breathtaking landscapes and the timeless charm of horseback riding. Upon arrival at Lanzarote a Caballo, you’ll receive a quick, informative briefing before saddling up for an unforgettable one-hour horseback excursion. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Lanzarote as you traverse dirt paths, rural houses, and fields, making your way back to Puerto del Carmen.


9:30 to 10:30
Fliston’s Trishop > Lanzarote a Caballo
Distance 13 Km – Height 259 m.

11:00 to 12:30
Briefing + Horse Excursion

12:30 to 13:30
Lanzarote a Caballo > Barranco del Quiquere
> Old Town PDC > Fliston’s Trishop


This tour promises not just a ride, but an adventure that awakens your spirit and fuels your love for the great outdoors. Don’t miss out on this captivating experience to discover Lanzarote’s hidden gems from the saddle, both bike and horse. Join us for an adventure that’s bound to leave you with lasting memories!

Eco Friendly way to enjoy
and to discovery Lanzarote

INCLUDED: Water Bottle, Energy Bar

Available to reserve: Riding Boots

Please bring a change of long pants and long socks, mandatory for riding


“Do you provide helmets?”
Yes, all riders are provided with approved helmets for riding.

“What clothing do I need?”
We recommend long pants and sneakers or closed-toe shoes. Flip-flops are not suitable for riding as they do not protect your feet. If you don’t have appropriate footwear, you can bring some socks, and we will lend you some boots.

“I’ve never ridden a horse before, can I go on a tour?”
Especially frightened individuals or first-time riders enjoy the tour with one of our calmest horses, assisted by a person walking alongside the horse, or with the horse tethered to a rope held by the guide.

“I am an experienced rider, will I enjoy it?”
Yes, we will provide you with a horse that matches your skill level, and once we verify that you have control of it, you can go on a trotting and galloping excursion. We always make groups based on skill level so that all riders enjoy the experience to the fullest according to their riding experience.

“What kind of horse will I ride?”
We have about 20 well-cared-for horses trained specifically for trail rides. The guides will choose the best horse based on your physical characteristics and riding level to ensure you enjoy the experience to the fullest. However, if you have any preferences, do not hesitate to mention them to the guide, who will try to fulfill your wishes as much as possible.