Mirador del Rio – Racing Bike Tour – High Level

  • Distance: 115kms / 71,45mls
  • Average height: 550mt / 1804,46 feet
  • Duration: 5h 22m (21,5 km/h)

Tour of the Mirador del Rio by road bike

Mirador del Río is a viewpoint on an approximately 475-metre-high (1,560 ft) escarpment called Batería del Río in the north of the Canarian island of Lanzarote.

The location was created in between 1971 and 1973 by the local artist César Manrique in his typical style, consisting of a balustraded cafe, a souvenir shop and a platform on its top which are integrated in the lava rock. The technical realization of the work was carried out by Eduardo Cáceres and Jesús Soto and it was in 1973 when El Mirador del Río was inaugurated. Its surroundings have been declared a protected natural area. The building has the peculiarity that is barely visible from the outside thanks to a subtle and ingenious camouflage manoeuvre of hiding its structure under a heavy stone skin that blends in with the environment.

Summary of the places of interest we will visit

  1. Puerto del Carmen from Fliston’s Trishop
  2. Playa honda
  3. Arrecife
  4. Taiche( LZ 1)
  5. Arrieta
  6. Punta Mujeres
  7. Cueva de Los Verdes y Jameos del Agua
  8. Orzola
  9. Mirador Del Rio

Mirador del Rio Racing Bike Tour

Rent a Racing bike + guided Tour
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  • 1 Day : Cat.H 25€; Cat-HQAU -HQSU 35€;
  • 2 to 5 Days : Cat H 23€; Cat.HQAU .HQSU 32€;
  • 6 to 11 Days : Cat H 19€; Cat:HQAU- HQSU 28€;
  • +12 Days : Cat: H 18€; Cat: HQAU - HQSU 25€;
  • Guided Tour : +38€
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