Cuadro Carbono Countervail Methanol CV S

Price: 2 590€ euros incredible Offer 1 590€

Bianchi Methanol CV comes to market with 29″ wheels (no 27.5″ version is planned) and among its technical characteristics are: the Press Fit BB92 bottom bracket, conical steering tube with integrated steering, 27.2 mm seatpost, High Direct Mount FD brake anchor, internal cable guidance being also compatible with Shimano Di2 transmissions , Boost rear axle (148x12mm) that allows to shorten the pods to 429mm and a fully racing geometry.

Weight:940gr Size M

Taking advantage of the passage of the second round of the World Cup through Albstadt, Bianchi introduced the new Methanol CV, a revolutionary bike for XC that introduces Countervail (CV) technology, the same one that the Italian brand has already used in some of its road models, and which is now debuting on the mountain bike. The main feature of Countervail is the method of building its carbon fiber frame, which allows it to filter the vibrations received by up to 80% (according to brand data).

Bianchi Countervail

And how does Bianchi manage to get this? The Italian firm uses a material developed in collaboration with NASA (Material Science Corporation) consisting of a mixture of strategically placed fibers combined with a viscoelastic material, capable of absorbing vibrations produced by the terrain (while increasing the rigidity and strength of carbon frames and forks), which reduces muscle fatigue, improves performance and provides greater accuracy , something the Italian company has dubbed “After Shock Control”.


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