Bycicle accessory for kid

Seat for Child



Baby seat
2 € per day


Helmet This seat has been designed to carry a child
(from 9 months to 4/5 years and less than 22 kg / 48.5lbs).
Sturdy and comfortable,
it mounts easily on the roof rack.

Trailer for 2 kids




The trailer is perfect for family outings,
it can comfortably carry 2 children.

The trailer is securely fixed to the bicycle, 
at the height of the rear wheel axle.

The interior of this trailer has two attachment harnesses,
 so it offers the necessary safety for children.
 It also has a number of useful and practical storage compartments 
for parents.

Technical features:
+ For 2 children.
+ Fixing system.
+ Load capacity: 45 kg / 100 lbs (two children).



Trailer for 2 kids

5 from
  • 1 Day 10€
  • 2-5 days 8€
  • 6 -11 7€
  • +12 days 5€
  • free helmet

Kid's bike Trailer



The Kid bike Trailer  is ideal for the whole family. Your child can pedal to help you on the journey. It’s a lot of fun for both of us. The Traligator has a sturdy construction, like a normal 20 “(50 cm) bicycle. Includes handlebar, seat, adjustable pedals. It is made of high-strength steel. Attaches easily and quickly to almost any bicycle with a seat post. Of course. a fun and safe way to have fun with your family. 

Kid bike trailer

5 from
  • 1 Days 8€
  • 2-6 Days 7€
  • 7-11 Days 6€
  • +12 days 5€
  • free helmet and lock
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